Summer Academy 2006
 Summer Academy 2007



Day 1 - What is Human Security? Definitions and Analysis

Wolfgang Benedek and Roberta Maierhofer: Introduction to the Summer Academy

Introduction.MP3  12 MB

Gerd Oberleitner: "The concept of human security"

PP Presentation.pdf   77 KB

Oberleitner.MP3   10 MB

Jose Manuel Pureza: "Human security: from conflict to hegemony?"

PP Presentation.pdf   145 KB

Pureza.MP3   13 MB

Wolfgang Benedek: "Concluding remarks"

          Benedek.MP3   11 MB



Day 2 - Defining Terrorism

Christopher Daase: "The concept of terrorism"

PP Presentation.pdf   140 KB

Daase.MP3   21 MB

Walther Gehr: "The global legal framework against terrorism"

PP Presentation.pdf  905 KB

Gehr.MP3   27 MB



Day 3 - Defining Organized Crime

Petrus van Duyne and Maarten van Dijck: "Organized crime images, concepts and realities"

PP Presentation.pdf   177 KB

van Duyne & van Dijck part 1.MP3   27 MB

van Duyne & van Dijck part 2.MP3   27 MB

Maarten van Dijck: "Modus operandi of organized crime"

PP Presentation.pdf   172 KB

van Dijck.MP3   30 MB



Day 4 - Focal Issue: Money Laundering

Maarten van Dijck: "The basics of the international anti-money laundering regulatory framework"

PP Presentation.pdf   282 KB

Day 4 part 1.MP3   26 MB

Day 4 part 2.MP3   16 MB

Petrus van Duyne: "Evaluating money laundering"

PP Presentation.pdf   148 KB

van Duyne.MP3   31,5 MB



Day 5 - The Connection between Terrorism and Organized Crime

Paul Marouscheck: "Intelligence-lead policing and organized crime threat assessment"

Anna-Maria Getos: "Root causes of terrorism"

PP Presentation.pdf   623 KB

Getos.MP3   45,1 MB



Day 6 - Focal Issue: Corruption

Josip Kregar: "Corruption"

PP Presentation.pdf  437 KB

Kregar part 1.MP3   30,8 MB

Kregar part 2.MP3   22,3 MB



Day 7 - Focal Issue: Trafficking

Anke Sembacher: "Trafficking in persons"


Sembacher.MP3   18,2 MB

Ayse Nilüfer Narli: "Illegal forms of human mobility and Turkey"

PP Presentation.pdf   2,5 MB

Nilüfer Narli.MP3   16,5 MB

Karin Grimm: "Women in an insecure world"

Grimm.MP3   9,5 MB



Day 8 - Focal Issue: Victim's Perspective

Michael Kilchling: "Introduction to victimology"

PP Presentation.pdf   142 KB

Kilchling.MP3   28 MB

Anke Sembacher: "Victims of organized crime, the legal framework"

PP_Presentation.pdf   KB

Sembacher.MP3   20 MB

Inge Bell: "Victims of organised crime"

Bell.MP3   13 MB

Michael Kilchling: "Victims of terrorism"

PP Presentation.pdf   134 KB

Kilchling.MP3   20 MB


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